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David Crosby and his gig with Rolling Stone as an advice columnist/music expert continues. The latest edition of “Ask Croz” features that almighty rock question: Beatles or Stones?

Crosby, ever the opinionate guy, was quick to answer “Beatles” in the video below. So, why does Crosby think the Fab Four reigns supreme?

“Mainly because of the range of stuff that they did,” he explains. “The Stones did have a fairly wide range that they did, but the Beatles had a much wider range of writing that they could do. And the Beatles could sing harmony. The Stones can’t do that for squat…It’s a matter of personal taste, of course. But for me, the Beatles, no question.”

Naturally, the questions make their way to the topic of drugs, particularly edibles. (After all, Crosby regularly has Twitter followers ask him to rate their joint-rolling skills.) A reader, who is a retired nurse that doesn’t have a lot of experience with THC, asks Croz about dosage recommendations. Unsurprisingly, he offers some sage advice.

“Find one that you like. Either a commercial one that somebody makes or that you make yourself, and take a little bit,” said Crosby. “It’s called ‘titrating.’ You take just a little bit first and see how strong it is. If it’s not strong enough, you take a little more and wait. Once you establish what your dosage is, you take that dose whenever you want. You know what will happen.”

He adds, “I do edibles every night. I eat ginger snaps that my wife makes. They are wonderful and they get you high, which can’t be a bad thing.”


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