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Frank N Furter and his gruesome sidekicks pose at a photocall for the cult musical 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', directed by Jim Sharman for 20th Century Fox. Cast members include Tim Curry, Patricia Quinn, Richard O'Brien and Little Nell Campbell. (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

Since it’s release 43 years ago, a Portland theater has played “Rocky Horror Picture Show” every Saturday.  And even if the theater wasn’t packed or even if it was empty, they would still play it.  Well the pandemic happened in March of last year and the theater was shutdown.  But even though it was shutdown, it didn’t stop a worker from going in every Saturday to play it.  Sometimes he would watch it alone or he’d bring a friend.  But for 54 Saturdays, he kept the tradition going!  We have more on this awesome story and other celeb stories in today’s Entertainment News!