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You hear a lot of people rage quitting jobs.  but you don’t normally hear about a COMPANY raging over someone quitting.  And then getting revenge on them like THIS.

Andreas Flaten gave his two weeks’ notice back in November at Walker Luxury Autoworks in Peachtree City, Georgia.  And he says the owner was so upset, he put his hands on his head, walked out, and disappeared for an hour. But the company still owed Andreas $915, and they never paid him.  He wound up calling the Georgia Department of Labor to complain.

The company finally delivered his paycheck on Friday – by dumping 500 POUNDS of PENNIES covered in OIL on his driveway.  There was also a note that said, “[Eff] you.”

Andreas says he quit the job because it was a toxic work environment. Weel – this really backs that up.  He shoveled the pennies into his garage and he’s working on cleaning the oil off so he can cash them in.

Here’s the video and Instagram post his girlfriend posted of the pennies. (PLEASE NOTE: The F-word is visible in the note)