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Rick Astley performs.(Photo by Jo Hale/Redferns)

Mike and I were lucky enough to interview Rick Astley a couple years back, and he was so much fun, and he gets it – the Rick-rolling, the jokes, all of it.

So –  while preparing for their season premiere next week, The Voice coaches made an epic video, dancing to Rick Astley’s “Together Forever.” and it’s so bad, it’s GOOD!

The video opens with Blake Shelton and John Legend looking at photos from good times had together on previous season of The Voice before the four coaches burst into dance, recreating Astley’s music video for the track. They even imitated their dance moves while wearing nearly identical outfits to what Astley and company were wearing in the original music video for the song.

The parody music video ends with a special appearance from Astley, as he winks at Shelton.

Check out the song/video, and the video of Rick Astley reacting – it’s priceless!

-Carla Rea



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