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British musician and singer-songwriter Phil Collins playing with his son Simon on the stage of A Midsummer Night's Dream festival, Knebworth Festival, UK, 22nd June 1978. (Photo by Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

When Phil Collins announced his return to the stage, he also revealed he couldn’t drum anymore. His 15-year old son, Nicholas, ended up being Phil’s drummer on the tour. But Nicholas isn’t the only Collins’ boy with dad’s talent. In fact, there’s another that might have even more of it.

Meet Simon Collins. Son of Phil’s first wife, Andrea Bertorelli. Simon is a drummer and former lead singer of a progressive rock band. Sound familiar? Simon started following in his famous father’s footsteps when he was just 5, when he got his first drum kit. Now, a solo artist and producer, Simon keeps very busy.

Many have said that Simon sounds a lot like daddy Phil. Here are a few of his hits that might have you agreeing.


Simon Collins - Pride

VHS rip of the 1999 by VIVA TVstereo audioStandard Resolution 640 X 480 pixelsincluded in the playlist "VIVA Special of the 90s":


Simon Collins - "Powerless"

Simon takes you inside the "war zone", East Hastings Street, Downtown Vancouver, while performing his ode to suffering addicts who are in desperate need of h...

SHINE THROUGH (cowritten with Howard Jones)

Simon Collins ➤ Shine Through (Album Version)

Artist: Simon CollinsTitle: Shine Through (HQ)Album: All Of Who You Are (Re-Issue)Year: 2000Genre: Ambient-Synth-Rock (Electronic Post-Grunge)