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Article written by Dr. Daliah.

How many times have we stuck our thumb into an orange and produced a misshapen mess when we tried to peel it. Or left ounces and ounces of meat on our devoured chicken wings when we didn’t have to?

Well, here are some tips being shared on social media that might facilitate our snacking immensely….

Cupcake Sandwich

Usually, we grab a cupcake, lick off the frosting while awkwardly trying to keep our fingers clean and then are left with cake, unfrosted.

So if one slices part of the cake and puts it on top of the frosting, you have an easy to eat cupcake sandwich.

Thought You Knew How to Eat a Cupcake? Turns Out You're Wrong!
Image from Taste of Home

Chicken Wings

We hate to waste food but we do it each time we eat a chicken wing incorrectly. Rather than nibbling on each side and trying to pry meat from the bones, twist the end cartilage off while pulling the bones out the other way and you will be left with a much better proportion of your poultry meal. You can also twist off the cartilage and strip down the meat for a nice juicy boneless chicken wing.

Image from SheKnows

Peanut Butter

The oil in natural peanut butter begins to separate and an oily film pervades the top layer. Many mix it each time they open the jar to rescue its taste and texture. Or some want to avoid the oil completely. Store your peanut butter upside down to move the oil to the bottom of the jar, or flip it each time it separates if you want to avoid the mixing ritual.

What's the most effective way to mix a jar of natural peanut butter? -  Seasoned Advice
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No need shoving your thumb into the side and losing juice and your nail trying to peel an orange. Instead slice off a thin section of the top and bottom, with a perpendicular superficial slice down the fruit and peel open the whole orange in one roll.

The hack will expose orange segments in seconds.
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We don’t eat the stem of the strawberry but when we use a knife to remove it, we lose much of the fruit. So instead, poke a straw through the bottom of the berry up to the top and you’ve maximized your bounty.

Remove the stem and middle of a strawberry with a straw. | 15 Mom Hacks For  Surviving the Summer With Your Littles | POPSUGAR Family Photo 7
Image from PopSugar

Ice Cream

Too often we pull the ice cream out of the freezer, only have a plastic spoon, and break it trying to scoop out our rock-solid dessert. Well, if you store the ice cream container in a zip lock bag (squeeze the air out before sealing), the ice cream will remain soft enough to scoop.

Tip Test: Should You Store Ice Cream in a Freezer Bag for Best Scooping? |  Kitchn
Image from The Kitchn

Buttered Toast

When we bite into buttered/cinnamon toast the bread hits the tongue before the toppings. Well, flip the bread over so that the tongue tastes the goodies first before saliva begins to neutralize the taste.

Keto Cinnamon Toast Crunch |
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Hard Boiled Eggs

Rather than peeling off the shell into a million pieces, once the boiled egg has cooled, you can peel off a bit of the ends and blow the egg out, or put the hard boiled egg into a glass of water and shake it until the shell comes off.

Shake It Up: How to Peel Eggs with a Glass of Water « Food Hacks ::  WonderHowTo
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Hamburgers get messy, especially the yummy ones with onions, tomatoes, pickle, ketchup, etc. But the top bun is bigger and can absorb more of the juices than the thinner bottom bun. Flip the burger over when you bite into it and it may lessen the mess.

Why You Should Be Flipping All Your Burgers Upside-Down Los Angeles Magazine
Image from LAMag

Oreo Cookie

How many times have you lost your cookie when you tried to dunk it into milk, getting your fingers wet in the process? Simple, dunk it using a fork that has pierced the cream filling.

How to Dunk an Oreo Cookie in Milk Without Getting Your Fingers Messy «  Food Hacks :: WonderHowTo
Image from FoodHacks

Eating is our break from work….no need to work while we eat….

Daliah Wachs, MD, FAAFP is a nationally syndicated radio personality on GCN Network, KDWN, and is a Board Certified Family Physician