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CARACAS, VENEZUELA - JUNE 19: Volunteers repack medicines in a warehouse of International Committee of the Red Cross on June 19, 2019 in Caracas, Venezuela. A second shipment arrived to Venezuela from Panama on Monday June 17, containing 24 tonnes of medical supplies and generators to address the critical health situation in the country. Donations will be distributed in hospitals across the country, seeking to mitigate the shortage generated by hyperinflation and recession that has been affecting the country for more than four years. The first shipment had been authorized by President Nicolas Maduro in April after signing an agreement with the International Committee of the Red Cross. (Photo by Carlos Becerra/Getty Images)

Today is Giving Tuesday, the National Day of Giving. And, while everyday is a good day to serve another (especially this year!), today is the day the world comes together in the spirit of generosity. Many charity organizations offer matching dollar for dollar donations and people share stories on social media with the #GivingTuesday hashtag. The Giving Tuesday Global Movement is having a livestream today to share inspiring stories of generosity from around the world. You can watch on their website, hq.givingtuesday.org at 7pm ET today.

Local and national charities that are matching donations today include:

The Make-A-Wish Foundation
NAMI of Southern Nevada

The Nature Conservancy

The Lymelight Foundation

The Humane Society

Just to name a few. Check out your favorite charity and find out if they are also donation matching today. And many retailers are getting in on the giving as well. Check out the list of participating stores, from CNN.com.

And remember, giving doesn’t have to be money. If you have time, kindness, or even just a smile to give, someone might need it. =)