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403399 09: Doctors look over an Xray of ten-year-old Palestinian girl Esra Othman as they treat her for wounds from bullet fragments April 5, 2002 at a hospital in the West Bank. According to Othman's father, the girl was playing with friends during the brief break from the martial law of the previous week when an Israeli soldier fired at the ground nearby, pucturing Esra with bullet fragments. She is expected to recover. The military lockdown of Ramallah was briefly lifted April 5, 2002, allowing residents to buy much-needed supplies. But occupation and the 24-hour curfew of the Palestinian town continues. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

A 32-year old man in the UK was a victim of a hit and run accident.  He survived but was taken in for a check up to make sure he was ok.  When they took x-rays, they found more than just a bunch of bones.  He had something hidden in him!  He ended up confessing to a bunch of things which led to charges against him.  We have what they found and more in today’s Other News!