‘Born in the USA’ remains The Boss’ highest-selling album in the United States selling 15 million copies. With hits like “Dancing in the Dark,” the title track and “Cover Me,” it pretty understandable why the album was so successful. Plus, that album artwork, though.

Residents at the Sydmar Lodge Care Home in Edgeware, England, have been in lockdown for four months.

As activities manager at the home, Robert Speker wanted to keep spirits up while visitors and outside entertainment aren’t permitted. Thus, a brilliant project was born: re-creating classic album covers with residents cast as the rock stars.

Speker tweeted side-by-side photos of the original covers and the Sydmar Lodge residents’ new takes, and the tweets quickly took off.

Instead of British singer Adele, meet 93-year-old Vera.

Riffing on Springsteen’s famous Born In The U.S.A., there’s a blue-jeaned Martin Steinberg in front of the English flag.

Could anyone improve upon David Bowie’s iconic lightning-bolt painted face? Roma Cohen appears to be an icon herself with the lightning bolt highlighted by her white hair.

Enjoy all of them right here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/nursing-home-residents-recreate-classic-album-covers-in-lockdown/?fbclid=IwAR3Dy-QWlzVvC4TE75p1xsdmiWaLnV1agW4Ny8Ep_JjapZlqyjYbt3fY73g


Nursing Home Residents Recreate Classic Album Covers While in Lockdown - LOOK

These grandmas deserve a Grammy for their photo remakes of classic rock albums. After so many months in lock-down with no family visiting their senior care home in north London, their activities co-ordinator came up with a gem of an idea.