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The cast of the iconic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off reunited over the weekend as part of Josh Gad’s YouTube series “Reunited Apart.”

The 45-minute reunion video can be viewed below in its entirety and featured appearances from Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck, Mia Sara, Jennifer Grey and even Ben Stein who played the economics teacher famous for uttering, “Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?”

The reunion also featured appearances from Cindy Pickett and Lyman Ward, who played Ferris’ parents, and Kenny Ortega, who choreographed the parade scene.

The video closes with a touching tribute to writer/director John Hughes that features appearances from Catherine O’Hara, Molly Ringwald, Steve Martin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Chevy Chase, Michael Keaton and more. The entire sequence starts at the 40:00 mark.

Oh, and after the closing credits, stick around for a fun callback to the end credits of Ferris Bueller.

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