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It’s this summer’s MUST HAVE ITEM: Disposable urinal bags!

Searces for “disposable urinal bags” have increased five times between May 2 and June 6.

As people begin to travel again following pandemic-related lockdowns, they remain leery of public restrooms. Urinal bags, which use chemicals to turn liquid into an odorless solid that can later be thrown away in a trash can, offer a solution for those on roadtrips or camping excursions. Products from brands such as Travel John and Pee Buddy – which makes a urination device for women to use while standing – have all seen interest surge on Amazon since early May.

The company has “temporarily paused”their social media promotions as they increased production to keep up with the demand,” While Travel John is running paid ads on Amazon, as well as a half-page ad in the Nascar 2020 preview and press guide, the company has placed other magazine ads on hold. It’s also exploring more advertising opportunities with broadcast networks to spread awareness.

Sales of this type product may continue to increase as more consumers hit the roads. Camping, RV and road trip essentials are seeing growth as well, according to trend research firm NPD Group. In the two weeks ending May 2, sales for camping tents grew 30 percent and sales for camping sets increased 119 percent. NPD also saw increases in portable power kits, which grew sales by 87 percent.

Happy trails!