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Ronnie Gonzalez

A neighborhood in Smithtown, New York is giving back to a very essential worker in their neighborhood of over 10 years.

UPS driver Greg Watkins was on his normal delivery route before he was stopped with a special celebration from the neighborhood.

They were celebrating Watkins! Cheers, thunderous applause, flowers and a “thank you” card awaited him!

“You’re an essential worker, but you’ve always been essential to us,” said one neighborhood resident. “You know our families, we know your families, we adore you and we just want to say thank you.”

With delivering packages to the same neighborhood for over 10 years, Watkins has seen a lot of change.

“Again, it’s a pleasure to be in this area and to get to know everybody here,” said Watkins. “I’m watching your kids grow. I’m watching them start to drive. I’m getting old,” he said in a laughing manner.

Watkins has another two years left on his route in Smithtown before it ends.

“I’m blessed to know each and every one of you and thank you so much,” said Watkins.


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Christine Butler Grazia

Smithtown NY loves our UPS driver, and friend Gregory Watkins Sr. ????????