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How do you show appreciation for someone? For one Detroit man, he’s opening up his savings account to show his appreciation for nurses.

Allen Marshall stood outside a gas station with a sign that simply read “Free Gas For Nurses.”

Man spends savings on free gas for nurses at Detroit Medical Center

A Good Samaritan purchased gas for nurses Wednesday and Thursday at the Exxon Express gas station on Mack Avenue and I-75 near DMC Hospital.

Marshall spent $900 dollars of his own money to fill gas tanks for medical front-line workers, back in April.

“I just love them and I want them to know that,” said Marshall, in the Detroit WDIV interview.

After the $900 was spent, he flipped his sign and went back out on the street. The backside of the sign read “Thank You For All That You Do!!!”

However, it didn’t take long for another person to step in and continue to pay it forward.

Alana heard the story and came down to where Marshall was at and gave $200 of her own money to continue filling the gas tanks of hospital front-line workers.