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We’re all wondering when concerts will become part of our lives again thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, and an upcoming concert scheduled in Arkansas might show what a socially-distanced seating chart might entail.

Travis McCready, the frontman for country-rock band Bishop Gunn, will be performing in Fort Smith, Ark. on May 15 at Temple Live, which holds approximately 1,100 people. Per the concert’s Ticketmaster listing, the venue will operate at 20 percent capacity and only allow 229 tickets to be sold. Fans will be seated in small groups or “fan pods” with at least six feet separating each pod. The venue will be taking a number of other safety measures including the following:

-Fog sprayers will be used to sanitize the venue by an independent third party.
-Masks will be required for all employees and concert attendees, with masks being available for purchase at the venue.
-All walkways in the venue will be one-way to enforce social-distancing guidelines
-A 10 person limit in all restrooms, where soap and paper towel dispensers will feature no-touch technology.
-Temperatures of all attendees will be taken at the venue’s entrance.
-All drinks will be prepackaged or have lids.
-Venue staff will be wiping down various “touch points” or surfaces during the entire show event.

A picture of the seating chart can be viewed below.


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