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Most of us have spent the last month-and-a-half in quarantine, afraid to touch just about EVERYTHING outside our front doors. So the idea of going to a concert now seems like a futuristic dream, since it’s one of the LEAST sterile environments you could possibly find yourself in. But it’s a lot easier to imagine if you had a special SPACESUIT to protect you from everything and everyone around you.

Some company has designed a suit called the Micrashell, which is kind of like a half-spacesuit with its own ventilation system.  It’s airtight, but only covers your upper body, so you won’t have any trouble hitting the restroom. It has a camera, speakers, and a wireless communication system, which will even allow you to “mute” people around you – which we could probably have used before the pandemic!

Apparently, the idea is that the venues would own these suits, give them to attendees, and sanitize them between uses.  The company says they hope to have them ready by the time concerts start up again.

Rock and roll!!!