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401745 06: The Go-Gos (L to R) Charlotte Caffey, Belinda Carlisle, Kathy Valentine, Jane Wiedlin perform at the Larry King Cardiac Foundation gala March 1, 2002 in Washington, DC. The Foundation was established in 1989 to provide funding for life-saving cardiac procedures for individuals who, due to limited means and inadequate insurance who would otherwise be unable to receive treatment. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

In the 1980’s, The Go-Go’s were hailed as America’s sweethearts. But in her recent memoir, bassist Kathy Valentine tells a different story. Valentine said she knew a tell-all book was going to be risky, but she just had to be true to her history. Her memoir is titled All I’ve Ever Wanted, in honor of Vacation, the band’s hit that Valentine co-wrote.

In her book, Valentine tells of her troubled upbringing with her mother, who was cold and distant and even had an affair at one point with Valentine’s best friend. Valentine also talks about her rape at 12, and terminating that pregnancy. Of course her time with the band, as well as the rough break up in 1985, are in there as well. All in all, it looks like a good read, if you’re looking for a new book to pass the time.

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