Coronavirus Information Center

After two months fighting COVID-19 and awakening from a coma Nevada’s first patient diagnosed with COVID-19 has been released Monday.

Ronald Pipkins left the North Las Vegas VA Medical Center with a roaring applause from medical staff and doctors. The 55-year-old is now transferring to a local rehabilitation center to regain his strength.

“It feels fantastic,” said Pipkins, in a KVVU Fox 5 interview. “I hate to leave, I made a lot of friends, but I’ve got to go and see my family.”

With two COVID-19 tests coming back negative, Pipkins is leaving with confidence about his recovery.

“My recovery has been really strong … It’s all coming together and once I get to rehab, I know that I’ll pick up the pace,” said Pipkins. “I’m grateful I’m at the VA because the people here have waited on me hand and foot … The staff here are very professional and I’m really proud of the service I’ve received here.”

As of reporting, there are nearly 3,000 cases of Coronavirus in Clark County and 137 deaths.

Although Pipkins has fully recovered, he has one major take away about others taking COVID-19 lightly.

“You will feel some very painful things happening to your body,” said Pipkins. “So I tell you, ‘put on the mask. Going to work is not as important as living. It’s better to be broke and alive than to have money and be dying.'”