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WUHAN, CHINA - JUNE 30: (CHINA OUT) Ouyang Nianchi 22. she tie up football shoelaces at starry sky stadium on June 30 .2019 in WuhanHubei Province.China. She comes from Dawu. It's actually a county town in Hubei Province.There was no football field in high school, so her had to join the local man football club. Later, she came to Wuhan Vocational College of Software and Engineering further education and began to receive regular football training. Without women's football, she had to train with the men's team. She can't play in the College League because the coach is afraid of her injury.After graduation, she came to starry sky stadium. A grass-roots football gathering place, she almost every day to join the men's game. few girls play football here.According to the statistics of relevant institutions. More than 1.8 million women's football players are registered in the United States, and more than 1 million women's football players are registered in Germany. The number of Chinese women football players registered exceeds 2000.(Photo by Wang He/Getty Images)

A survey was taken and the results are in for the list of the hardest things to teach your kids while at home!  We go down the list and you’ll be shocked what the top 3 are!  Do you agree?  If you have kids, did you have problems teaching these things to them?  It’s all in today’s Other News!