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NORTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - MARCH 23: Customers queue at a McDonald's drive through restaurant shortly before closing on March 23, 2020 in Northampton, England. McDonald's, Nando's and Costa Coffee were among the businesses who closed their UK stores this week due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Last week, the British government ordered all restaurants to close but exempted those offering take-out. Several closed nonetheless, citing the wellbeing of their employees and customers. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread to at least 188 countries, claiming over 10,000 lives and infecting hundreds of thousands more. (Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images).

On this day back in 1955, the first McDonalds was opened!  Today the franchise turns 65!  In honor of the day, we wanted to know what your memories were of visiting one back in the day.  Also, did you work at one?  We take your calls and even get a special memory never forgotten by Mike’s brother!