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April 1927: Baseball player Babe Ruth (George Herman Ruth, 1895 - 1948) taking a swipe at an enormous ball. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

If you’re at home doing your part to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and haven’t thought of everything – here are some you can do with your extra time this weekend:

1. If you’re a sports fan, read up on the history of your favorite sport or team, so when they start playing again, you’ll have an even greater appreciation for it. Revisit an old game, like on TV or YouTube.  Or watch a sports documentary.

2.  If you’re a foodie: Get takeout from a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try.  Make a new recipe you’ve had bookmarked forever.

3.  If you’re into culture, take a virtual museum tour. Google’s Arts & Culture page has some great ones!  Read books or watch movies you never had time for before.  Or try learning a new language.

4.  If you’re an extrovert or busybody, host a virtual happy hour with your friends.  Break out a deck of cards, board games and puzzles to do with your family. Or try something artsy, like painting or an adult coloring book.

5.  Just want to relax? Meditate.  Take a bath.  Or just take a long nap.