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Too bad you can’t go anywhere, because gas prices in the Las Vegas valley have hit their lowest average in 4 years. Triple A says the national average for gas has fallen below $2. In Nevada, the average is $2.66 which is 40-cents lower than this time last year. Around the valley, gas prices as low $2.34 have ben found, and at membership clubs like Sam’s and Costco gas is selling for $1.99.

“You’re at home, I’m also at home so the demand for gasoline has decreased significantly. There’s also a price war that’s happening between Saudi Arabia and Russia and that’s also driving the price of crude oil down,” said Sergio Avila, public relations specialist, AAA Nevada.

AAA is offering a few tips for those who are staying home.

  • Don’t engage the parking brake when storing your car – it could become frozen or cause the brake pads to rust.
  • Increase tire pressure by 10 psi each to help flat spots from forming.
  • Drive at least once a week to keep all parts moving.

Gas prices are still higher on the west coast compared to the rest of the nation.