Coronavirus Information Center

Federico Zaragoza, President of College of Southern Nevada, sent a letter to the students of CSN this week, to inform them that the college is going to remote instructional sessions starting Wednesday. Here’s the letter:

Dear CSN Students,

In response to recent developments associated with the COVID-19, the College of Southern
Nevada, in consultation with the Nevada System of Higher Education, will transition to a remote
instructional model beginning Wednesday, March 18. There will be some exceptions for those
classes that require CTE labs, clinical or practicums so consult with your instructors.
Please be on the lookout for notices from your instructors to advise you of possible alternative
assignments and course timelines for transitioning to remote classes.
We realize this is an anxious and trying time in our community and we are doing everything we
can to ensure the well-being of our faculty, staff and students. You can stay up to date with the
latest information from CSN on our website and on the Nevada Health Response site.

Thank you.
Federico Zaragoza
College of South