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Huey Lewis probably wants to go “back in time” regarding this decision.

Lewis was recently interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel at an event at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, and per a report from Billboard on the event, he recalled a couple of career regrets he had. One of those regrets was turning down a song offered to him by Bob Dylan. Lewis and Dylan met during the recording of “We Are The World.”

“I should have cut it. I don’t know what I was thinking,” said Lewis.

Lewis mentioned another regret that would have netted him big bucks: Licensing “The Heart of Rock & Roll” to Coca-Cola to use in a commercial. The attempted deal went down shortly after Michael Jackson signed a deal with Pepsi in 1987. Looking back on his decision, Lewis said, “Before that deal, no music stars did corporate tie-ins. Coca-Cola asked to have a meeting. We flew to Atlanta. They offered us millions of dollars [to use] ‘The Heart of Rock & Roll’ in a commercial. I said no. Stupid.”

Huey Lewis & The News released their new album, Weather, today (February 14.) The band also released a new music video for their single “Her Love is Killin’ Me” which features a number of musicians, actors and other celebrities lip-syncing the song including Kimmel, Jimmy Buffett, Michael Keaton, Joe Montana and more.

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