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Ozzy Osbourne revealed last month he’s been battling Parkinson’s Disease, but in a new interview, The Prince of Darkness says he’s been living with the condition for much longer than initially indicated.

Osbourne said to The Los Angeles Times that he was actually first diagnosed with Parkinson’s back in 2003.

“I’m not dying from Parkinson’s. I’ve been working with it most of my life,” says Osbourne. “I’ve cheated death so many times. If tomorrow you read ‘Ozzy Osbourne never woke up this morning,’ you wouldn’t go, ‘Oh, my God!’ You’d go, ‘Well, it finally caught up with him.'” Osbourne also mentioned that he takes medication for tremors, but one of the side effects include short-term memory loss.

During an interview with Good Morning America in January, Osbourne first revealed his Parkinson’s diagnosis, but at that time, he said he was first diagnosed in February 2019.

Osbourne is currently slated to return to touring with the U.S. leg of the “No More Tours 2” on May 27 in Atlanta. As of publishing, there has been no change to those plans.

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