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SAN FRANCISCO - APRIL 12: Cans of dog food are seen on the shelf at a grocery store April 12, 2007 in San Francisco, California. The Food and Drug Administration is warning that some retail outlets are still selling tainted dog and cat food after inspecting more than 400 stores throughout the country. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

How often to you see the president of a company personally back up their product claims? Well, Mitch Felderhoff did just that. Felderhoff is the president of Muenster Milling Company in Muenster, Texas. They make dog food. Mitch wanted to prove a point to his customers. That they wouldn’t serve their dogs something they weren’t willing to eat themselves. So Mitch did, for a whole month. He ate nothing but the dog food his company produces.

Mitch said at first he had a hard time eating the food, mostly getting used to the taste. But as days passed, it became easier. And after a month, Mitch said he felt “fantastic” and even lost 30 pounds.

The video of him eating the dog food is sort of hard to swallow, pun intended.

Mitch and his company have gone viral with this challenge. So besides a leaner body and shinier coat, Mitch might actually make some sales as well.

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