Ronnie Gonzalez

With the Pennzoil 500 just weeks away here’s 9 fun facts that’ll make you an instant NASCAR expert!

1. NASCAR Was Founded In 1948

NASCAR was originally founded by Bill France. Then, in 2003, his grandson Brian France took over as CEO.


2. NASCAR Is An Acronym

It actually stands for National Association for Stock Car Racing, or NASCAR for short.

3. NASCAR Is International

With efforts in Mexico and Europe, NASCAR is expanding the sport of the need for speed. Mexico hosts the NASCAR hosts the PEAK Mexico Series, Canada hosts NASCAR Pinty’s Series, and across Europe, it hosts NASCAR Whelen Euro Series.


4. Richard Petty Popularized The Window Net

Legendary driver Richard Petty inspired NASCAR to mandate the window net. It prevents drivers’ from getting seriously hurt during an accident.


5. Cars Can Reach Up To 200 MPH

It’s no surprise that cars in NASCAR are fast. However, some of them break people’s necks by reaching over and above 200 MPH!


6. Richard Petty Has The Record For Most Wins In NASCAR

Richard Petty won 200 races in his career! That was over 40 years ago! Surprisingly, no one has been able to take his title.


7. There Isn’t Just One Big Race

There are 23 NASCAR Cup Series for people to claim a championship. One of the biggest Cup Series is the Spring Cup Series.


8. Daytona 500 Is Always The Home Opener

The Daytona 500 has been the NASCAR Cup Series Opener since 1959. Lee Petty won the very first one.


9. Love Triangle In NASCAR

Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt and Jimmie Johnson all share the record for seven consecutive titles in NASCAR. No one has been to eight yet.