Beasley Best Community of Caring

Terrie Springs salutes off with the rest of Beasley Media Group family. (First row, third to the right)

After 14 years of working with 96.3 KKLZ and Beasley Media Group, radio veteran and smiling shining star Terrie Springs retires!

Aside from her 14 years with Beasley Media Group, Terrie spent most of her time on the air and programming various radio stations across the country.

She was an integral part in setting up 96.3 KKLZ and sister station 102.7 Coyote Country. Fun fact, she was actually the very first employee of 102.7 Coyote Country!

As of 2014, Terrie took on the role of Community Relations & PSA Director. Where she started up her show “Talking Solutions.” It served as a focal point in serving the Las Vegas community and finding solutions to community-based issues.

Now, Terrie will still continue her pursuit of the radio game, just from the comfort of her home!