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Journey has finished out their year here in Las Vegas, and there have been mixed reviews about the show. Some say Arnel sounds tired, and others have nothing but compliments about the show. I got to see them last month. The band sounds great! They’ve been together so long that they are very tight. And of course they could probably do these songs in their sleep at this point. It is true that Arnel was winded on a few of the songs (the guy is 52! Gotta give it up for his jumps and sprints on stage). And it was odd to hear someone other than Steve Perry sing the songs he was famous for. All in all, the show was great.

Here are some video clips of their show earlier this year (not mine…I accidentally deleted those…arg).


They’re going on tour in May with the Pretenders! Keep an eye on the KKLZ concert page to see if they add Vegas shows to the schedule. Happy concerting! – Wendy =)