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Halloween Tips and Tricks

We all remember as kids tracing our hand on brown construction paper to make Thanksgiving decorations. Well, times have changed and crafts for Thanksgiving have advanced quite a bit.

Nowadays, there are many to-go crafts that are made at Michaels and Hobby Lobby that in a few steps can take your Thanksgiving hand turkeys to a whole new level.

Happiness Homemade has some fun ideas including an actual brown glove to replace that construction paper turkey that people can wear to display all the colorful feathers.

The site also has some fun Thanksgiving printables including a menu for the big day including Mad Libs, bingo boards, word games, place cards and much more.

There are so many crafts online that it’s hard to pick just one, but we watched the videos and found a few ideas that Thanksgiving lovers are bound to love.

Decorating your holiday table:

Thanksgiving Crafts | Easy Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Join Tanner Bell as he shares with you these fun DIY Thanksgiving Crafts. You're going to love these Thanksgiving Decor ideas. You're going to love it. Click to SUBSCRIBE for more DIYs!: This is from a 2013 WBIR segment, if you're confused.

Hosting and decorating ideas:

DIY Thanksgiving Decor & Hosting Ideas | Easy & Affordable!

Switch to 1280p *Please Read :) Hey Sweeties! Thanksgiving is coming close! In this video I share some easy and affordable DIY Thanksgiving (or Fall) decorating and hosting ideas. They don't take long at all and you might have a lot of things like this already.

Thanksgiving crafts for the non-crafty:

Super easy and inexpensive Thanksgiving crafts for even the non-crafty

Here are 3 easy and inexpensive Thanksgiving crafts that can be done whether you're crafty or not. For only $16 I used products from the $1 store, a craft store, and the outdoors. These simple and rustic projects are inviting and creative for your holiday table and easy enough for your kids to help with.