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...and more pumpkins.

Wendy here! We checked out the pumpkin patch right by IKEA, on the Durango/215 curve this weekend. Here’s my take:

This is a good place for young slide enthusiasts. There are 3 stand-alone slides, a few of which have multiple slides to choose from. There are 3 also more obstacle courses that end with a slide. A few of those are not options for the little kids (under 5), but most are.

Other attractions include a corn maze (an inflatable one, not a real one), a bounce house, spinning swings, a corn flyer, bungee trampoline, train, and a petting zoo. The petting zoo isn’t big. Mostly goats and chickens/ducks. The line was too long for how few animals were actually inside. Z and her BFF weren’t going to stand still in that line, so we just fed the goats through the fence.

If you’re big on food variety or carnival games, this isn’t the place for you. I only saw two game tents, and there’s only one food stand. Granted, the food is yummy. The fries are deliciously salty and the fresh-squeezed lemonade is really good (get a large…they stuff it with shaved ice so the small won’t last long). And oh my the fried oreos are AWESOME. They aren’t as greasy as others I’ve had, and they come 5 for $5, which is a good deal.

Overall, good place for younger kids. Click on my photo to see the rest of the pics of our trip. 🙂