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This Sunday is National Coffee Day.  Even though every town in America has coffee places on every corner, a new survey found most of us still make it at home.

89% of Americans make at least one cup of coffee at home in an average week.  The top reasons: convenience, cost, and it’s part of our routine.

Some coffee statistics:

1.  87% of us look forward to our first cup of coffee in the morning.

2.  79% of us add something to our coffee, like cream and sugar (maybe booze?)  Older Americans are more likely than millennial’s to drink their coffee black.

3.  73% of us find making coffee therapeutic.

4.  60% agreed another benefit of brewing coffee is it makes your home smell good.


A few national chains are offering specials:

You can get a free coffee and donut at KRISPY KREME on Sunday, no purchase necessary.

DUNKIN DONUTS has a buy-one-get-one coffee deal.

CIRCLE K is giving out free coffee if you use their app.

COFFEE BEAN AND TEA LEAF has free coffee if you order food.

WHITE CASTLE has free coffee with any order.