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Carla Rea tries to look alluring with Fawnia Mondey of Pole Fitness

If you’ve been to any of KKLZ’s Diva’s Day Out events throughout the years, you’ve probably seen Fawnia and company there. She’s the owner/manager of Pole Fitness Studio, and she heads up the Pole Fitness Expo.

The Pole Fitness Expo has become one of the ‘go to’ events in Las Vegas.  It celebrates and educates the dance form that changed the world. Pole Expo is also an event that encourages women and men to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles through the physical and emotional fitness of pole dancing.  KKLZ’s Carla Rea tried it over the years, and says it’s “one of the absolute hardest things” she’s ever done!

This years, as with past years, the Pole Fitness Expo is proudly supporting the local charity Three Square. For every $1 that you donate to Three Square, three meals will be made! Fawnia toured the Three Square facility and was extremely impressed with the grand scale they operate on, and how efficient they are in getting foods for the least money possible. Plus nothing goes to waste, all is recycled and their building even runs on solar power! Pole Expo urges you to add at least one dollar to your purchase, and you will be feeding a person three square meals, 40% of which comes from fresh fruits and vegetables; truly amazing. Together we can feed everyone.

The 8th annual Pole Expo is Aug 22 – 25 2019