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Berlin's Terri Nunn serenading the crowd

It’s the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. Music festivals were once extremely rare, but these days there seems to be one every weekend, for every kind of music, everywhere in the world.
If your plans include Life Is Beautiful, Bonnaroo, a Lollapalooza, or something in between, these apps will make your festival-going experience much more pleasant. They’ll help you keep in touch, stay hydrated, and – most important – figure out the bathroom situation.

Keep track of your friends:
With Snapchat’s Snap Maps, keep tabs on friends who have shared their location with you. Find them anywhere on the grounds and then post a sweaty reunion Snap when you meet back up.

Drink up (I meant water…)
No matter how much you’re into the music, summer in Las Vegas is no time to be dehydrated. Use Waterminder to make sure you’re hydrating so you’ll have enough energy for the 2 a.m. shows.

Know 100 percent of the lyrics                                                                                                                                                                                                  It’s always weird to be the only one in a crowd who doesn’t know the words. Learn them fast with the lyrics app Musixmatch—which can also serve as a tiny teleprompter display on your Apple Watch.

Chat over Bluetooth
There’s no way around it: Being in a crowd of 80,000 people is going to wreak havoc on your reception. When the festival is in full swing, try Berkanan, a messaging app powered by Bluetooth and thus less subject to tens of thousands of people simultaneously posting their selfie videos. 

Spiff up your story
Lots of apps let you post in-the-moment photos and videos. To do something a little more special with your shots, turn to Unfold, which helps you shape and create social media stories using a library of slick frames, templates, and effects.

Get home safe
By the end of the night, you’ll be weary, bleary, and possibly in an unfamiliar city. Open Citymapper and let the app find your location. Input your destination and the mapping service will tell you whether it’s best to walk, take the subway, or grab a rideshare to your home, hotel, or yurt for some much-needed rest—so you can wake up the next day and start this list all over again.

Locate a bathroom, possibly even a non-portable one                                                                                                                                        Flush. You can probably figure out what this does… 

Rock on music warriors!