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VIDEO: Mick Jagger Can Still "Move Like Jagger" After Heart Surgery

Mick Jagger has been recovering for the past month after having heart valve surgery, which led to the postponement of The Rolling Stones' North American leg of their "No Filter" tour. However, Jagger is clearly on the mend, and we can see the proof of this in a new video he posted to social media.

After reports that he was cleared to tour again, Jagger shared the video below of him in a dance studio obviously tuning up and rehearsing again. It should be no surprise that the guy seemingly shows no signs of having heart surgery just a month ago.

Mick Jagger on Twitter

Mick Jagger on Twitter

Mick Jagger on Twitter

Seriously, GET...IT...MICK!

This video is also a very good sign for fans that had tickets to the Stones' postponed North American tour dates. While new dates haven't been announced, clearly they must be close if Jagger is practicing choreography. Hopefully, an announcement from the band will come soon.


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