Ronnie Gonzalez

San Jose’s captain, Joe Pavelski, recently opens up about the controversial game that ended the Vegas Golden Knights playoff run.

On Sunday, Pavelski spoke with press media before practice. In that interview, he admits what many Golden Knights fans are already thinking.

“Was it a five-minute major? No, I don’t think it was,” Pavelski said, according to Sportsnet.

Then following up with, “am I glad they called it that way? Heck ya.” (Click here for full audio interview. Skip to 5:35 for full response).

After the referees called the 5-minute major penalty, San Jose scored four goals against the Vegas Golden Knights. Thus, giving up Vegas’ 3-0 score lead and forcing them into overtime. The Golden Knights lost in overtime with a score of 4-3, cutting their playoff run short.

Since then, the NHL has officially apologized to Vegas Golden Knights franchise owner Bill Foley over its controversial call. Also, suspending two referees that officiated that game.

Written by Ronnie Gonzalez.