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A home was inadvertently nearly sliced in half after a crane mishap in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday.

According to Click Orlando, images from the scene show a vehicle on its side and a crane through the roof of the home.

First responders who arrived at the location reported no injuries during the ordeal.

Thankfully, no one was home at the time the crane struck the home.

Crews worked together to remove the crane from the home, and successfully managed to free the home from the crane’s grasp — Nearly seven hours later.

Unfortunately, the home was nearly split in half during the process.

At the time the incident occurred, the home was reportedly having work done on their roof.

Beyel Brothers, the company who owns and operates the crane involved has not responded to the incident.

However, the roofing company said they believe the incident is related to user error.

The home is currently unlivable. It is not clear at this time if the home can be repaired or if it will need to be tore down and rebuilt.

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