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British musicians Richard Wright (1943 - 2008), Roger Waters, and Nick Mason of rock group Pink Floyd at Heathrow Airport before leaving for a 22-date US tour, London, UK, July 1968. (Photo by George Stroud/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Pink Floyd have reached back into their vaults and dug out an old clip for their YouTube channel.

The latest clip is a trippy animated gem for “One of These Days,” which was the opening track from their 1971 album Meddle.  The video was created by British artist and filmmaker Ian Emes and was recently released on the band’s 2016 box set The Early Years 1965-1972.

Early last month, another archival clip for “Apples and Oranges” was added to the band’s YouTube channel which also was released as part of The Early Years 1965-1972.

Pink Floyd - One of These Days

"One of These Days" is the opening track from Pink Floyd's 1971 album Meddle. The song is instrumental and only has one spoken/sung sentence by drummer Nick Mason "One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces."

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