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U2 sure can put on a show! And after over 40 years together, they still sound amazing. I thought I’d be disappointed about there being no songs from their 1987 Joshua Tree album (they burned themselves out on those during last year’s anniversary tour), but the band still delivered many huge hits from Boy (1980), War (1983), The Unforgettable Fire (1984) and Achtung Baby (1991). And even those people who aren’t a fan of their music (get out…we can’t be friends) would appreciate the visual elements of the show.

In addition to the hits, Bono took a few moments to talk about heavier topics: before “Pride”, he touched on racism, intolerance and how much he admires Americans for coming together in time of crisis. And the tear-jerker…when Bono dedicated “One” to the October 1 shooting here in Las Vegas. Check out the video for clips from the show, including the moment of unity in the crowd after Bono’s dedication.

Here’s some highlights of Friday’s show.

Here’s a video of the One dedication from Saturday’s show.

And two classics from someone who had much better seats than we did. 😀

One I didn’t catch (I think that’s when the guy behind me spilled his drink on our seats).

Seriously, with these people and their amazing seats! Great close-ups of Bono. NOT great help from the guys singing around the camera. ;D