For many of us, Terri Nunn and Berlin were a “must have” on any mixtapes we made in the ‘80s.  That’s just one of the reasons we’re so glad that they’ll be joining us at Junefest 2018! 

With hits like “The Metro” and “Sex (I’m A…),” Terri Nunn and Berlin are definitely one of the greatest synth-electro-pop bands.

Seriously, “Take My Breath Away” may be one of the best slow dance songs of all time.  When you combine Nunn’s sultry voice and images of Kelly Preston and Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” it’s as near to perfect as you can get.

We can’t wait until June 9th when we can see Terri Nunn and Berlin on stage at Junefest.

To get you ready for Junefest, take a second and check out this fun photo gallery of Terri performing over the years.  See you at the show!