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Fleetwood Mac announced earlier this year that they are returning to Las Vegas, but this time, Lindsey Buckingham is staying home. In a recent interview, the band revealed the reason being that Buckingham was dragging his feet when it came to tour dates, but there’s an air of something deeper going on. Fleetwood Mac is no stranger to band conflict and drama (especially when it comes to Buckingham), so it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that it was more than just a calendar conflict of interest. Still, the remaining band members are giving Buckingham a respectful goodbye.

So what does this mean for the band and upcoming tour? Something pretty exciting, actually. The band has picked up not one, but two new members, that each come with their own impressive resume. Taking over on lead guitar will be Mike Campbell, who was the lead guitarist for Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers before Petty’s untimely death. Adding vocals to the band will be former Crowded House frontman, Neil Finn, whose vocal range won’t make Fleetwood Mac songs much of a challenge. Both new members are ecstatic to be joining this legendary band, and both are hoping they are there to stay. Just like when Buckingham Nicks changed things up back in the 70’s, this might be a brand new era for Fleetwood Mac.

See what the newest members have to say about joining the crew.

And check out the talent being added to the Fleetwood Mac line-up!

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