Whitney Bond presents ’smart’ cookware and Boomer recipes

Food blogger Whitney Bond shows how Boomers and aging populations can eat their favorite foods heart-healthy-style using thoughtful recipes and wifi enabled cookware. These smart devices allow the user to control various settings with a smart phone and provide caregivers with a watchful eye into an aging person’s kitchen.


Virtual Reality enhances later stages of life

Watch as Kyle Rand, CEO of Rendever, explains how Virtual Reality can enhance later stages of life when access to the world may be limited through mobility issues, social isolation, increased rate of cognitive decline, etc. But, Virtual Reality can have an overall positive effect on life experiences as Carla Rae, morning show host, experiences first-hand.


Connected living with Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi and Contour

A smart home and its wifi devices stay connected with wall-to-wall wi-fi coverage through Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi.  And the convenience of Contour with its voice-activated remote control helps viewers easily find their favorite programs. Watch the interview with Morning Show host Carla Rea and Ryland Madison, Cox Product Marketing Director.


‘Smart’ doctor visits through remote health monitoring

Morning show host, Carla Rea, learns how remote patient monitoring connects at-home patients with in-office doctors using video chat, medical devices and applications. Doug Rowe, senior territory manager, Trapollo, leads a live demonstration at the Cox Smart Home.



Aging in Place with a Smart Cox Home

Cox Las Vegas presents a discussion with morning show host, Carla Rea and Alison Jacobson, The Safety Mom, about various ways to leverage Cox Homelife and smart home technologies that will enable an aging parent or grandparent to thrive and live independently.