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After a massive world tour, stage props often get broken down and repurposed or head into storage.  That’s not the case for this stage item from a recent U2 tour.

Per Rolling Stone, the claw stage from U2’s 360° world tour will soon be a permanent installation at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Salt Lake City.

This, of course, got us thinking about other stage props from tours past. In honor of this U2 news, here are five other stage props that should be on permanent display and the potentially funny places we’d like to see them.

The Rolling Stones’ Phallic Inflatable

The giant inflatable phallus was really a precursor to the wacky waving inflatable tube man that we all know and love, so why have it on display in front of a car dealership.  It certainly would be eye-catching!  Sure, it was eventually painted to look like a finger, but we know it’s real origins!

Dave Grohl’s Throne

Also repurposed for when Axl Rose broke his foot, the throne Dave Grohl used after breaking his leg during a nasty stage fall is one of the best stage props in recent history.  Honestly, it should be in a museum.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an obvious choice, but since Grohl grew up near Washington, D.C., it should be put in the Smithsonian, preferably next to Archie Bunker’s chair.

U2’s Mirrorball Lemon

Yes, yes…this is another U2 prop, but something this tacky from the PopMart tour in which the band also got stuck is too funny not to include.  Ideally, it should become a bizarre roadside attraction in California where the largest amount of lemons are grown and harvested in the United States.

AC/DC’s Rosie

AC/DC was body-positive before that term even existed thanks to the track “Whole Lotta Rosie,” and when the band played the classic track live, a massive inflatable plus-sized woman in her underwear would appear on stage seemingly out of nowhere.  Frankly, any plus-sized clothing boutique would be proud to display Rosie!

Tommy Lee’s Drum Rigs

Lee’s mechanical rigs were a sight to behold, and their evolution and production value never failed to please the crowd.  So, how should they be used now?  Can you think of a cooler carnival ride than Tommy’s Rig of Doom?!  Didn’t think so!

Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock blogger that loves the smell of old vinyl in the morning.

Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock news blogger who's well-versed in etiquette and extraordinarily nice. #TransRightsAreHumanRights