A recent post on Facebook has concerned a town in Georgia.

According to Fox 5, the Facebook post was published on the City Of Calhoun, Gordon County GA Facebook page — A facebook account not actually affiliated with the town of Calhoun.

The page said one of their officer’s killed a copperhead snake that was lurking and came out of a sewer located in front of the local courthouse. The post also advised people to stay away from the sewers as it was believed other copperhead’s were also lurking there. Naturally, the post caused local residents to be fearful of what was supposedly happening in their town.

The news is fake in nature, according to the town, who reached out to Facebook with concerns.

On top of the name page, the page that is not affiliated with the town is using logos that represent the city.

As of yesterday, Facebook has yet to respond to the request to remove the post.

City Of Calhoun, Gordon County GA.

This morning one of our oficers killed this copperhead as it came out of the sewer in front of the courthouse. Please avoid the sewers as we think there is more snakes in them.

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