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Saturday was such a fun night of great people and awesome music!!! Bon Jovi rocked the house at T-Mobile Arena, with local musician Vin A opening. Carla Rea and Wendy Rush had the honor of introducing Vin A, who won the opportunity to open for Bon Jovi after winning the majority of votes in the KKLZ “Opening Band” contest.

It was such a pleasure to hang out with these guys in the dressing room. All very down to earth and humble and SO excited to play at T-Mobile (of course, they had just met Jon Bon Jovi, so that made it even cooler). When it was time, we were all escorted to the big stage!


 Carla and Wendy MIGHT have been more excited than the band.

While the KKLZ girls waited for their cue, they snapped some backstage shots of Vin A getting ready to rock!


  And…caught a glimpse of Bon Jovi’s set list. 😉  And then…it was time. But first, one more pre-show pep talk. You got this, guys! Rock that arena!!


And rock, they did! Amazing job guys!!


What an amazing opportunity for these guys. And well-deserved!

 We reached out to Vin after the show and he wanted to give a special thank you to everyone who made this possible:

“I can’t thank everyone enough in this amazing town for the incredible support and love we received that night at T Mobile. 16,000 screaming fans made it possible, thanks to EVERYONE that voted. We’ll never forget this opportunity we were given. Thank you KKLZ and all you rockin’ listeners!” – Vin