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This New Upgrade Will Change Your Smartphone Experience Forever

This tech is going to be a huge change to iPhone and Samsung phones. 

This would be the change that is removing the home button and going completely fingerless scanner. The sensor, that was reviewed and used at CES  was on Vivo, a Chinese phone maker's brand, and was tested out by CNet.

From their explanation, "When your fingertip hits the target, the sensor array turns on the display to light your finger, and only your finger. The image of your print makes its way to an optical image sensor beneath the display."

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How soon should we be seeing this integrated to iPhone and Samsung?  As far as we know - the rumored device to break for the western countries will be the Samsung Galaxy S9, to accept a fingerprint, rather than just a "home button" zone.

BGR quotes a release from TrendForce saying that “Fingerprint sensors will still be the first choice for most Android phones in 2018, since other biometric authentication methods available for Android phone makers cannot completely replace fingerprint identification yet... Meanwhile, in-display fingerprint sensors are expected to make breakthrough this year, and vendors like Samsung, LG, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei are likely to embed this technology, bringing the global fingerprint sensor penetration rate in smartphones to 60%.”

I guess we will find out soon enough in 2018...


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