Larry Busacca / Staff

John Oates' New Single Is Awesome!

When you're part of one of the best-selling duos of all time, you don't get a lot of opportunity to shine alone. Well, John Oates is more than making up for his time in half the spotlight. His new album is going to be SO good. Called Arkansas, the album is slated for February 2nd, and has some of the top-rated names in Americana music backing Oates up. Names like Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, The Pretenders, Blake Shelton & Don Henley make up the all-star band The Good Road Band, and will accompany Oates, not only on the album, but also on select tours.

We are so excited about this, we can hardly contain ourselves. Check out the video for the new single, Alabama and just try not to love it!

Watch the video here.

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