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Whether you loved him or hated him, David S. Pumpkins is one of the great unsung heroes of our time. Besides becoming a notorious Halloween icon after being brought to life by Tom Hanks on Saturday Night Live, David S. Pumpkins also became a popular Halloween costume.

It turns out, though, that Hanks’ beloved turn as the spooky character almost didn’t happen. According to a story told by SNL alum Bobby Moynihan on Late Night With Seth Meyers, who wrote the sketch with Mikey Day, Hanks wasn’t sure if the sketch was going to work and even went so far as to suggest that they give it to Chris Hemsworth, who would be hosting the next week’s show.

Thankfully, Hanks decided to stick with the skit and he hinted recently that he might be reprising his role in the near future.  Halloween IS just around the corner…