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The NFL returns tonight (Thursday) with the Kansas City Chiefs in New England to take on the Patriots, the reigning Super Bowl champs.  So, be sure to set your fantasy football lineups while you’re at work.

They just put out a list of amusing prop bets you can make before the season launches.  Here are a few highlights:

1.  The odds that Tom Brady and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell voluntarily shake hands on the field before the game:  7-to-2, or a 22% chance.  So, if you bet $100, you could take home $350.

The two of them shook hands after the Patriots won the Super Bowl. But they basically HAD TO in order to avoid an awkward situation.

2.  The Over / Under on ‘consecutive seconds’ Patriots fans BOO Goodell at tonight’s game:  35.5 seconds.  And make no mistake, there WILL be booing.

3.  The odds on Minnesota Viking fans’ reaction to Adrian Peterson, when he shows up with the New Orleans Saints on Monday night:  A standing ovation: 1-to-5 (83.3%) . . . boos: 19-to-1 . . . indifference: 50-to-1 . . . none of the above: 9-to-1.

4.  The odds Aaron Rodgers will still have a mustache  1-to-3 (75%).  Those are pretty good odds, especially since it looks like he already shaved it off.

5.  The odds that the Pittsburgh Steelers go for two after their first touchdown:  3-to-1 (25%).  They’re playing the Browns if that matters, and it probably does. They’re rivals, and the Browns aren’t very good.

6.  The odds that the three worst teams, the Browns, the New York Jets, and the San Francisco 49ers, all WIN:  58-to-1 (1.7%).  All LOSE:  3-to-2 (40%)

7.  The odds that the Browns finish with NINE or more wins, which basically means they make the playoffs for the first time in 15 YEARS:  15-to-2 (15%).

8.  The Over / Under on games the Jets will be favored to win:  0.5.

9.  The Over / Under on missed extra-point kicks in Week One: 4.5. 10.  The odds that Tony Romo is incorrect in his first coach’s challenge as an announcer:  3-to-1.  He’s making his debut in the Oakland / Tennessee game.