Mike Coppola / Staff

Journey May Reform...With Steve Perry

There is some serious drama happening in the Journey camp. Guitarist Neal Schon is a founding member of the band, and the only one to have been there consistently since the beginning. And since the beginning, he has been adamant about keeping the band out of anything to do with politics or religion. He feels the music is uplifting and positive on its own and wants the Journey name to stay neutral.

Recently, three current Journey members took a photo at the White House and didn't tell Schon they were going. And Schon is FUMING. He says it's not about who is in office, since they've turned down photo ops for former Presidents as well. Schon just firmly believes they have the loyal fans that they do because they don't lean to either side on religion and politics, thus creating a unity among Journey followers.

And here's the REALLY interesting part: Schon firmly believes he owns the Journey name. And hints that he is ready to break up the band and take the name his own direction. That direction (you ready for this?) includes reuniting with original keyboardist Gregg Rolie and the one and only Steve Perry! And a recent instagram post by Schon implies that he's already planted that seed...

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