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DENALI NATIONAL PARK, AK - SEPTEMBER 1: A view of Denali, formerly known as Mt. McKinley, on September 1, 2015 in Denali National Park, Alaska. According to the National Park Service, the summit elevation of Denali is 20,320 feet and is the highest mountain peak in North America. (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)

At this point I’d almost rather ride on the OUTSIDE of a plane than be stuck in a middle seat between two strangers.  So, if someone in a middle seat asked to switch with you so they could sit next to their friend, would you do it? According to a new survey, a very generous 45% of people would say yes – they’d switch seats!

Another 35% said they’d move as long as they DIDN’T have to sit in the middle between two people.  11% would only move if they got an aisle seat, and 5% would only do it for a window seat.  Just 1% said they’d give a hard NO, and wouldn’t move for any reason.

The survey also asked what you’d do if someone cut in line in front of you while you were boarding.  Obviously you’re all getting on the same plane, but you’ve also gotta think about overhead bin space.  So it matters.

57% said they’d ignore it, or wouldn’t care.  35% said they’d confront the person about it, and 8% would tell a staff member.

The same survey also asked people to name their top dream vacation spots.  The top three states we want to visit are Hawaii, California, and Alaska. As someone who spent a lot of time on Alaska, I highly recommend it!

The top three international spots are Australia, Italy, and Bora Bora.  Which is surprising, becasue most people don’t even know where Bora Bora is.  It’s an island in French Polynesia, about 2,500 miles south of Hawaii.

– Carla Rea